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William Gibson über Shadowrun

Ein Ort für ein kleines Schwätzchen über Shadowrun

William Gibson über Shadowrun

Beitragvon Cedric » 25. Nov 2010, 11:23

Weil ich diesen Vormittag für Regeln, Charakter fertigmachen und SR generell reserviert habe, ein kleiner Einblick in meine Pausenbeschäftigung:

Aus William Gibsons Blog (http://www.williamgibsonbooks.com/archi ... rchive.asp)
Thursday, May 08, 2003
posted 11:36 PM

No relationship. No permission. Nothing. Nary a word exchanged, ever.

Except that the admixture of cyberspace and, spare me, *elves*, has always been more than I could bear to think about.

I've just been ignoring it for years, and hope to continue to.
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Re: William Gibson über Shadowrun

Beitragvon Nevermore » 27. Nov 2010, 11:25

Noch ausformulierter:

Cyberpunk on screen - William Gibson speaks (Vgl.: http://www.peak.sfu.ca/the-peak/98-3/issue7/gibson.html)

Peak: The two main characters from "New Rose Hotel" seem very similar to those from Count Zero; both are involved in forefully extracting researchers from one corporation and taking them to another. Do do you just like to write about that sort of person?

Gibson: "It doesn't have that kind of internal coherence for me. It's not, as some board game publishers once said to me, "It's not game-able." These guys were talking to me about making board games out of some of my books, and they were asking me questions about, like "how does the banking system work?" And I said "I don't know I'm making this shit up!" And they looked at me, and their eyes got really wide and they said "you mean it's not game-able?"

The real relationship is that the whole culture of corporate extraction in Count Zero [The sequel to Neuromancer] is just borrowed from the culture of corporate extraction in "New Rose Hotel." That was where that came from, so in Count Zero I develop it more, and you get to know more of the background, and these guys have agents, in the sense that Hollywood actors have agents who enlist their services. I just sort of build on it.

Peak: How do you feel about the the role-playing game systems out there that are obviously based on your work?

Gibson: To the extent that there was a Cyberpunk movement-and there wasn't, really, but to the extent that there was, the five or six people who I knew in 1981 who were doing this stuff and had a radical aesthetic agenda, at least in terms of that pop-art form of science fiction, [and] one of the things that we were really conscious of was appropriation. Appropriation as a post-modern aesthetic and entrepreneurial strategy. So we were doing it too. We were happily and gloriously lifting all sorts of flavours and colours from all over popular culture and putting it together to our own ends. So when I see things like ShadowRun, the only negative thing I feel about it is that initial extreme revulsion at seeing my literary DNA mixed with elves. Somewhere somebody's sitting and saying 'I've got it! We're gonna do William Gibson and Tolkien!' Over my dead body! But I don't have to bear any aesthetic responsibility for it. I've never earned a nickel, but I wouldn't sue them. It's a fair cop. I'm sure there are people who could sue me, if they were so inclined, for messing with their stuff. So it's just kind of amusing.
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